Victorian “Cabinet of Materia Medica” – Complete and totally original specimens.


A totally complete and original fully-fitted Victorian “Cabinet of Materia Medica”. Made (and stamped to the upper surface) by Young J Pentland of 29 West Nicholson Street, Edinburgh. Original price 50 shillings nett!

The hinged lid of the mahogany case opens vertically to reveal the five fully labelled trays within. Attached to the underside of the lid is the full descriptive list of the contents. The advertising boasts that it is “The Students Cabinet of Materia Medica; Specially prepared for Meteria Medica Examinatations… and goes on to explain that it is… “A collection of all the important substances of the Organic Materia Medica, including those expensive articles usually omitted from similar collections”.

Each tray is complete with all samples and clearly labelled. Linking back to the description on the lid. A fascinating and quite extraordinary collectors piece. Highly recommended.

Dated: c1890-1900

Height 15cm (6 inches)
Width 33cm (13 inches)
Depth 20cm (8 inches)

Stock No:   908/2020/QSA

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