THE “DARLINGTON” CABINET OF OBJECTS: (A Museum for Educational Purposes)


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A rare and complete* “CABINET OF OBJECTS” containing over 165 delightful objects arranged in four trays of individual compartments. These range from minerals; seeds; timbers; metals and some chemicals, to many interesting and unusual Victorian household objects.  The purpose of these cabinets was as an educational aid in schools, so that actual examples of a huge range of objects and curiosities could be studied and handled, and it is rare to find examples in virtually complete original condition.

The cabinets that contained these curiosities was usually of pine, so not of finest quality, and this is no exception, though the original fully-detailed list of contents can be found within the lid.  Dimensions: 17.5ins wide x 8.5ins deep x 6ins high. (44.5 x 21.5 x 15.25cms).  Circa 1870-1890

** Actually, this is not quite complete.  Tray number Four includes small circular boxes which contain: a moth; a bee; a beautiful butterfly and…a cricket. For some inexplicable reason the cricket is missing.  The pine case has a sliver of wood missing from the front left side of the lid; otherwise this is in remarkably good original condition.


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