Fine and Rare IMPERIAL BUSHEL Bronze Measure

Price: £2750

A particularly fine example of a cast bronze IMPERIAL BUSHEL MEASURE, well engraved with “COUNTY of ESSEX to the centre and “IMPERIAL BUSHEL” and the makers “DE GRAVE * LONDON” to the upper band.  The base is engraved and dated 1844, and the set number “918” is engraved to the very bottom band. There are various Customs & Excise proofmarks found around the upper rim.  Featuring cast bronze handles to either side ~ it certainly needs two hands to carry!
NOTE: The Imperial Half Bushel and Imperial Peck from the same set (dated 1844 and numbered 918) are also currently available. If interested in buying all three together please contact us as soon as possible.
** Such measures were used to ‘weigh’ dry goods, such as grain. This example was owned by the COUNTY of ESSEX who’s role it was to ensure customers would never be ‘short-measured’ by performing random on-the-spot testing! The penalty for an infringement was arrest followed by periods of imprisonment and even banishment to Australia, for repeat and serious offenders.

Dated: 1844

Stock No: 676/2020/QSA

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