Price:  £145

A good quality late 19th century Japanese “Satsuma” bowl, with a lobed shaped rim and finely hand-painted scenes of numerous figures against a lakeside and mountainous background, with a continuous scene of various figures around the outside. Excellent condition and marked to the base. (Please ignore old price label!) 6ins (15.25 cms) wide.  Full price includes postage.

* Satsuma ware (薩摩焼, Satsuma-yaki) is a type of Japanese pottery originally from Satsuma Province, southern Kyūshū. Today, it can be divided into two distinct categories: the original plain dark clay early Satsuma (古薩摩, Ko-Satsuma) made in Satsuma from around 1600, and the elaborately decorated export Satsuma (京薩摩, Kyō-Satsuma) ivory-bodied pieces which began to be produced in the nineteenth century in various Japanese cities.

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